cv writing needs good words
cv writing needs good words
cv writing needs good words
  • moderated
  • enabled
  • aligned
  • screened
  • negotiated
  • leveraged
  • imagined
  • reorganised
  • procured
  • resolved
  • cooperatively
  • tested
  • scheduled
  • surveyed
  • supplemented
  • quickly
  • protected
  • segmented
  • distributed
  • presided
  • composed
  • well-judged
  • captured
  • stabilised
  • excelled
  • created
  • delivered
  • compounded
  • elaborated
  • recorded
  • successfully
  • depreciated
  • stimulated
  • implemented
  • devoted
  • diversified
  • accelerated
  • conveyed
  • standardised
  • tutored
  • formalised
  • extended
  • reorganized
  • filtered
  • inferred
  • augmented
  • budgeted
  • shopped
  • planned
  • practiced
  • individual
  • overcame
  • ethically
  • originated
  • realised
  • assertively
  • tripled
  • disseminated
  • introduced
  • endorsed
  • integrated
  • conducted
  • aided
  • navigated
  • amended
  • prevailed
  • justified
  • fulfilled
  • effectively
  • educated
  • demonstrated
  • motivated
  • copied
  • lectured
  • mentored
  • taught
  • directed
  • solved
  • produced
  • terminated
  • drew
  • superseded
  • designated
  • classified
  • published
  • approved
  • reduced
  • allocated
  • conceived
  • pioneered
  • finalised
  • hired
  • trained
  • enhanced
  • explored
  • recruited
  • innovated
  • contacted
  • fine-tuned
  • purchased
  • used
  • assigned
  • achievement
  • corresponded
  • governed
  • oriented
  • addressed
  • ensured
  • gained
  • specialised
  • awarded
  • calmed
  • advertised
  • redesigned
  • qualified
  • improvised
  • tailored
  • financed
  • spoke
  • collaborated
  • crafted
  • launched
  • synthesised
  • provided
  • enjoyed
  • astutely
  • highlighted
  • modernized
  • framed
  • enlisted
  • raised
  • challenged
  • sorted
  • regulated
  • mastered
  • attained
  • supervised
  • utilised
  • applied
  • handled
  • founded
  • renewed
  • interested
  • efficiently
  • audited
  • consultative
  • pinpointed
  • experience
  • contributed
  • straightened
  • controlled
  • narrated
  • interviewed
  • staffed
  • defused
  • influenced
  • installed
  • communicated
  • praised
  • predicted
  • correlated
  • added
  • located
  • employed
  • experimented
  • diagnosed
  • formulated
  • traded
  • acquainted
  • delegated
  • accomplished
  • established
  • sold
  • computed
  • simplifies
  • selected
  • shared
  • combined
  • enriched
  • accurately
  • mediated
  • modified
  • transferred
  • investigated
  • enforced
  • judged
  • clearly
  • modelled
  • proved
  • powerfully
  • maximised
  • attended
  • developed
  • tracked
  • machined
  • settled
  • arranged
  • acted
  • competently
  • balanced
  • secured
  • observed
  • issued
  • corrected
  • offset
  • positively
  • drafted
  • built
  • liaised
  • energetically
  • elevated
  • fostered
  • elicited
  • checked
  • described
  • considered
  • liquidated
  • instituted
  • linked
  • verified
  • emphasised
  • maintained
  • delighted
  • calculated
  • visualised
  • criticised
  • revitalised
  • achieved
  • retained
  • conserved
  • encouraged
  • saved
  • specified
  • experienced
  • revolutionised
  • debugged
  • assembled
  • volunteered
  • rectified
  • overhauled
  • improved
  • programmed
  • interpreted
  • involved
  • broadened
  • clarified
  • generated
  • grown
  • participated
  • changed
  • joined
  • written
  • named
  • mobilised
  • adjusted
  • simplified
  • explained
  • preserved
  • referred
  • harmonised
  • validated
  • automated
  • harnessed
  • quantified
  • evidence
  • responded
  • found
  • publicised
  • transformed
  • exploited
  • supported
  • informed
  • revamped
  • reversed
  • facilitated
  • sponsored
  • extracted
  • fast-paced
  • instilled
  • sparked
  • categorised
  • analysed
  • creatively
  • widened
  • organised
  • served
  • presented
  • catered
  • fabricated
  • determined
  • gathered
  • refined
  • strengthened
  • activated
  • upgraded
  • distinguished
  • inspected
  • obtained
  • anticipated
  • reported
  • cut
  • succeeded
  • evaluated
  • targeted
  • systematised
  • adapted
  • recommended
  • defined
  • extrapolated
  • initiated
  • cooperated
  • selectively
  • guarded
  • streamlined
  • responsibly
  • solicited
  • ordered
  • incorporated
  • attracted
  • competed
  • increased
  • consolidated
  • decisively
  • minimised
  • remodelled
  • rapidly
  • managed
  • proactively
  • prescribed
  • averted
  • invested
  • performed
  • disproved
  • debated
  • fashioned
  • excited
  • dissuaded
  • quadrupled
  • eliminated
  • examined
  • disclosed
  • briefed
  • persuaded
  • authorised
  • researched
  • piloted
  • choreographed
  • impact
  • contracted
  • devised
  • translated
  • viewed
  • decreased
  • carefully
  • reconciled
  • exhibited
  • edited
  • coordinated
  • critiqued
  • designed
  • chaired
  • brought
  • summarised
  • charted
  • documented
  • appointed
  • rewarded
  • asked
  • centralised
  • surpassed
  • forecast
  • thanked
  • enlarged
  • troubleshooted
  • constructed
  • equipped
  • stretched
  • reinforced
  • converted
  • assessed
  • resourcefully
  • prepared
  • instigated
  • turned
  • represented
  • registered
  • diagrammed
  • formed
  • repaired
  • counselled
  • supplied
  • altered
  • exceeded
  • operated
  • lead
  • promptly
  • illustrated
  • accessed
  • reengineered
  • logged
  • dispensed
  • customised
  • focused
  • uncovered
  • restructured
  • requested
  • negated
  • marketed
  • earned
  • treated
  • revised
  • coached
  • routed
  • headed
  • unified
  • inclusively
  • fortified
  • active
  • prevented
  • catalogued
  • retrieved
  • opened
  • rehabilited
  • provoked
  • canvassed
  • deduced
  • inspired
  • promoted
  • comforted
  • replaced
  • condensed
  • serviced
  • processed
  • traced
  • oversaw
  • instructed
  • structured
  • elected
  • restored
  • thrived
  • transacted
  • capably
  • listened
  • boosted
  • detailed
  • disciplined
  • recognised
  • arbitrated
  • followed
  • estimated
  • doubled
  • received
  • answered
  • enthusiastically
  • started
  • completed
  • nurtured
  • expanded
  • executed
  • submitted
  • trimmed
  • compiled
  • convinced
  • shaped
  • administered
  • monitored
  • cultivated
  • consistently
  • discovered
  • familiarised
  • advised
  • probed
  • merged
  • projected
  • advanced
  • collected
  • fixed
  • forecasted
  • identified
  • cleverly
  • guided
  • invented
  • collaboratively
  • appraised
  • prioritised
  • tended
  • authored
  • dispatched
  • conceptualised
  • won
  • licensed
  • planning
  • rendered
  • reviewed
  • expedited
  • updated
  • drove
  • effected
  • studied
  • orchestrated
  • engineered
  • consulted
  • lobbied
  • modernised
  • differentiated
  • proposed
  • searched

CVWordChecker - Checks a CV, résumé or LinkedIn profile for well chosen words

Ideal for checking CV's, résumés and LinkedIn profiles. Free - Nothing to install
Nothing to download - Instant result - No registration - No Sign Up

Welcome to CV Word Checker, the ultimate CV checker and LinkedIn profile optimizer. Boost your job prospects with our top-notch service, offering comprehensive resume analysis and expert advice on vital resume keywords. Let us fine-tune your CV and supercharge your professional profile for job applications. Your path to job search success starts here!

This site provides a quick, free means of checking the quality of the words used in a CV, résumé or LinkedIn profile. There is nothing to download or install and the system presents the results in a clear simple manner. You do not even have to subscribe or register to use this service.

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Follow the User Guide to start building your site.
Insert your CV in textarea on the left
Your CV is not stored on the system or passed on to anyone else
Your CV is not stored on the system or passed on to anyone else
Will verify that an AI-powered platform has generated a cv using appropriate vocabulary
Checks that the words used in the CV have enough impact
Cut and paste your cv or résumé into the text area. Then click the submit button. The results will be displayed after a couple of seconds.
Everything good is green, and everything bad is red. Eliminate anything which is red such as bad words, phrases, passive voice, or pronouns especially the "I" word. in your cv.
Your goal is to ensure that there are plenty of green power words and there are no red words or phrases.
The sliding word list at the top displays these green power words as do the word panels in the left hand column. Ideally a two page cv should contain 30 of these words.
After making some alterations to your text. Test your cv again and again. Remember to try to eliminate anything red and boost your green power word count.

Scroll down for further advice on selecting words for a CV, resume or LinkedIn profile, and an explanation of techniques used in this website.

Finding the right words is an important task and is not easy. This site makes this process easier to manage. The words that a person selects will determine the image they want to portray and hence influence if they proceed to an interview stage. A well written document with a careful selection of words will make a difference.

Certain words and phrases used in a CV are key influences in deciding which candidates proceed to an interview stage. This website checks the good and bad words and phrases present. This allows a person, who cannot afford professional help, to improve their CV. Or use it to compare the before and after results from using a professional writer.

The service simply requires you to cut and paste your CV into the text box on the left. Then submit this and the results appear immediately. The results consist of colour coded tables which list the good and bad word selections. Everything good is green, everything bad is red. In addition the whole CV appears using the same colour scheme. The system does not store your CV anywhere. It just uses algorithms to process your words.

There is a link CV Examples with three examples for you to try.

You can even use this facility to check the quality of a professionally written CV. They should produce a generous amounts of green words and few red words or phrases should appear.

Below there is further advice on writing a cv or résumé.

cvwordchecker: Happy man  writing a cv

A good CV will use language which is positive and confident. This is the type of person every employer wants to interview. There is much research which indicates that using power or action words can achieve this. They produce an extra impact and make a CV appear more dramatic, dynamic and interesting. This attracts the attention of employers.

Action words are action verbs which define work experience or define skills and abilities. Using these words in the past tense gives the impression that a candidate has achieved something. Using the present tense suggests the event is still in progress, not yet completed or the necessary skills are not fully developed.s.

This site detects all the action words in your CV, written in the past tense and highlights them in green. This gives an indication of the number of action words used. Thus a well written CV will have a reasonable sprinkling of green words in it.s.

In short , yes there is. The linkCV Words to usetakes you to a whole page containing these action words. There are approximately 500 of them. They are a mixture of past participles and adverbs.s.

The first table on the results page contains all the action words in your CV. They appear exactly as they do on the results page.s.

In order to constantly jog your memory about these action words, a random selection appears, in bold green crawling near the top of each page on this site. This also contains some useful adjectives. So, if you decide to use more action words, examples a always easy to find.

cvwordchecker: Woman writing a cv
There are four groups of word to avoid.
  • Bad Words
  • Bad Phrases
  • Pronouns
  • Passive voice use

This site detects and highlights these occurrences red, which are then displayed on the results page. Bad words on your CV can sabotage it. Many words have a negative impact on effectiveness.

cvwordchecker: Studious lady  writing a cv

People working in the field consider ceratin words to be unsuitable for CV use. There are a variety of reasons for this. Some are considered too negative sounding such as hate, decline, awful, failed, weak and futile. These words are generally off putting. Others such as never and always suggest a candidate is exaggerating their capabilities. Some words are overused such as outstanding, strong, good and exceptional. These lack originality and therefore need replacements. The use of cool, awesome and totally indicates a person who is immature. Trendy words such as deliverables, synergy or benchmarking show a lack of originality. There is a link CV Words to avoid

to this list of words. Where ever possible substitutes should replace the words in this list.

cvwordchecker: Long haired lady writing a cv

There are many phrases which are advisable not to use in a CV. The wrong phrase selection can completely sabotage your CV. If you sound like every other candidate a potential employer will just ignore you.

The website has a store of well known poor phrases and checks any submissions to see if they contain any of them. Many employers see these too often and find them off putting and regard them as errors. They must be avoided at all costs.

The navigation bar has a link to these phrasesCV Phrases to avoid.

There are a variety of reasons why they are bad. Many are just unoriginal or overused and cliched. Examples are team player, hard worker, excellent communications skills, and results orientated.

These are just overworked stock phrases which convey very little about a person and just waste space on a CV. If they do appear , substitute them with more original content.

Proven track record- Rather than just stating this, it is better to describe actual achievements or abilities.

Innovative thinker - It is better to describe the ideas you delivered. This will provide proof of the statement.

In summary, if any bad phrases are highlighted , cull them out. Replace them with some original expressions or more purposeful ideas.

cvwordchecker:  Man with grey beard writing a cv

In short pronouns should not appear on a CV. It is a convention and gives the impression that somebody else did the writing.

For the summary section of LinkedIn the "I" voice should be used.

There is a strong temptation for people, especially when talking about themselves to continually use I. This will quickly look repetative, clumsy and over used. It will also show a lack of original self expression.

Initially, when composing a CV, it is a good first step to collate your work history using the word I. For example:

I developed a new look for our company when I worked in the arts department.

Eliminating the pronoun, conveys the same meaning without using I.

Developed a new look for the company while working in the arts department.

The best way to write is not to use personal pronouns at all. Use bullet points followed by strong action words in the past tense.

For example:

Generated the monthly financial reports

Managed several senior analysts

Instituted yearly reviews of staff

cvwordchecker: Short haired lady swriting a cv

A well written CV always uses the active voice and not the passive voice use. Many people do not understand what passive voice is. A passive voice formation happens when the writer makes the object of an action into the subject of a sentence. An active voice appears more powerful,direct, and effective than passive voice.

It is not a grammatical error to use ther passive voice , but it is a stylistic issue. A passive voice can lessen the impact of a statement. An active voice suggests a person did something. A passive voice can give the impression of something happens to you rather than you initiating the event. Hence using the active tense gives an impression of someone who makes things happen as opposed to someone who waits for events to happen to them.

The formula for passive voice is "to be" + past participle = passive voice

Where "to be" is one of is, are, am , was, were, has been, have been, had been, will be, will have been, being. This website has algorithms which will spot most of these cases.

Examples of passive voice use. Note how the system displays these:

Passive voice: Was (passive voice) rewarded for improving company training schemes.

Active voice: Produced excellent training schemes, leading to company recognition. Passive voice: An award winning website was (passive voice) designed by me. Active voice:Designed an award winning website. Passive voice: Weekly financial reports were (passive voice) generated by me. Active voice:Generated the weekly financial reports.


CV Word Checker is the perfect resource for checking the quality of words present in a CV. The system is free of charge and does not require a download, an installation or any registering of personal information.

The results appear quickly and are straightforward to comprehend. Everything good about the CV appears green, everything bad becomes red. The site has lists of action words which a well written CV will contain. The site lists poor words and phrases to avoid in a CV.

Use this site to boost your chances of landing an interview by producing a powerful CV which presents and communicates your abilities by using well chosen words.